Tab, Co-Founder:  Tab’s storied 30-year career in talent development and human resources comes straight from Hollywood itself.  Most recently, he leads the Benefits-HR department for one of the major 5 entertainment film studios and consults for large corporations looking to mobilize their workforces.  He has a deep understanding of human nature and how to unlock the natural talents in individuals.

A passion for helping others achieve success, Tab offers positive encouragement, providing assistance in identifying goals and opportunities, and developing a step-by-step plan for achieving success.

On the personal side, he enjoys entertaining, outdoors activities, snow skiing and animals.

Richard, Co-Founder:  Richard is a product and platform guy, originally from the travel industry.  He’s worked in some of the most dynamic markets developing new product, pricing models, sales frameworks and marketing plans.  From an early age, his favorite words were “why” and “why not”.  This constant questioning developed into the ability to see the bigger picture and to the basics of disruptive innovation.

Early on, he chose not to pursue a music career and apprenticed with a Cordon Bleu chef and German Master Baker before finding a home in the travel industry.  Though to this day, music and baking are essential ingredients for his personal recipe for well-being.

The travel industry has been the ideal venue in which to apply disruptive innovation.  While automation, web-based applications and social media comprise a crucial part of the business equation, he recognizes the importance of a personal connection..

Fabricio, Co-Founder and Educational Design Advisor:  In the scissor-sharp Beverly Hills salon arena, Fabricio is a well-respected cosmetologist with a stellar reputation, known for remaining at the forefront of cutting-edge design and being a meticulous colorist and color correction specialist.

His passion for this industry goes beyond education and training, and includes assisting others land professional positions from school to the salon environment.  He possesses a vision and knowledge to rethink what a beauty academy should look, feel and sound like.  Fabricio knows how to create effective spaces for education and learning.

On the personal side, Fabricio enjoys trying new restaurants, travel – especially beach destinations, snow skiing, and wardrobe shopping.

Ron, Analytics Leader:  Ron has worked at big box department store chains as an Analytics Leader.  In that role, whether it be marketing problem solving or his own personal artistry in glass, ceramics and painting, creativity is his passion.  He is committed to building teams dedicated to analyzing customer experience to operational excellence, helping his students to unlock the hidden messages within data, thereby unlocking their untapped potential for success.

Ron’s understanding and compassion for people drives him to educate the next generation of high achievers.  Ron is currently developing his own business and is eager to share his experience helping businesses grow beyond their perceived limits with his students.

His interests include art, gardening and travel.

Clinton, Special Events:  Clinton Oie is Director of Auxiliaries at California Lutheran University.  He formerly served as Auxiliaries Manager at Marlborough School.  A graduate of Lake Forest College, he holds a Bachelors of Arts with an emphasis in Creative Writing.  He is an experienced business owner, having managed from ground up all creative, financial and public relations aspects of an internationally known coffeehouse; he handled booking talent and events including art shows and live music, and supervised all creative decisions from designing the logo and interior to developing new menu items.

At Marlborough School, Clinton was known for executing excellent, elegant and exciting events and donor galas on and off campus.  At Cal Lutheran he supervised the University Event Planner who managed events ranging from 10 guests to 10,000 guests.  He has been at Cal Lutheran since 2015.

His interests include entertaining, cooking, film and travel.